What to Expect

Whether it’s an new construction, an extension or approving an existing structure the process is generally simple and straightforward.


Step 1 The client researches and defines what the project’s design requirements are along with timeframes and any budget constraints.
Step 2 The client then meets and discusses these idea(s) with LHC Drafting. At this time the client should also provide any relevant supporting information they have such magazine clippings, a list of website links, photos, existing plans, rough drawings etc.
Step 3 LHC Drafting consolidates the client’s ideas and develops concept design sketches. (At this stage an independent land survey may be required.)
Step 4 Draft concept design sketches are then reviewed by the client with any changes identified for inclusion into the final design.
Step 5 LHC Drafting finalise the final design and Development Application (DA) documentation for submission.
Step 6 Building Application (BA) and/or other construction documentation as required.