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New Homes

Working collaboratively with our clients to bring homes to life.

We work with our clients to design homes which ‘tick all the boxes’. Often our clients come to us with objectives or a particular end-goal in mind. We strive to focus on being productive and creative while respecting the constraints of the client, the land and planning guidelines (i.e. budget restrictions, natural land falls, preferred orientation, time, easements, building envelopes etc).

Residential Renovations

Innovative and personalised spaces.

This example is of a private two story residence in Nicholls ACT. With the property originally constructed in 1993 many aspects of the property were out-of-date and looking a bit tired. The owners were keen for a more open and flowing living space. They were also looking to utilise natural tones so that the space would stand the test of time.

Special features on this project include a built in 600lt tropical fish tank, solid Australian black granite and sustainable bamboo flooring, all of which are integrated into a modern open floor plan.

Entry After

Entry Before

Entry After

Kitchen Before

Landscaping 1

Landscaping 2

Landscaping 3

Landscaping 4

Landscaping and Outdoor Spaces

Designing sustainable living inside out.

This example is of a recently constructed home in Condor ACT set on a large 800+m2 block. The owners were looking for a low maintenance yet flexible family backyard. Key issues to be addressed in this design included the incorporation of separate entertaining areas, utility and clothesline area out of view, effective water drainage and slope management (due to the natural fall of the land).

3D Renderings and 3D Concept Drawings

Visualising great ideas.

Often when building from scratch or making significant changes to a property, it’s hard to understand exactly how it will all fit together. LHC Drafting often develop architectural renderings in either 2D or 3D to help bring designs to life. These images range from simple form models to fly-through videos.

This is an effective tool for getting a good feel for how your project will look and feel long before the first tool is lifted. This is especially important for people looking for particular styles, aspects, or just needing a sound understanding of how things will come together.

In addition, high quality photo-like images and animations can be developed and used as a cost effective high-impact marketing/sales tools.

Basic Coloured Floor Plan

Basic 3D View

Extensions 1

Extensions 2

Extensions 3

Home Additions and Extensions

Finding quality solutions to suit your lifestyle.

Here you’ll find an example of a 1960s house in Farrer which was modernised incorporating such popular concepts as the ‘outdoor room’ linking to open plan living spaces. A special feature of this extension was the inclusion of upgrading the building’s facade so that the home’s street appeal appropriately reflected its modern interior enhancements.

No matter how big or small we will work with you to find the suitable solution which meets your needs.

Unapproved Structures

Finding quality solutions to all problems.

For those pergolas, sheds, carports or other structures that you didn’t think needed approval for but do, or maybe you have bought a residence with unapproved structures, we can guide you through the process of gaining approvals.

Unapproved Structures 2

Unapproved Structures 1

Dual Occupancies

Dual Occupancies

By offering practical designs to maximise capital return for the astute owner or investor.

When the opportunity comes along to complete a dual occupancy project you want the maximum return on your investment. We have sound knowledge of what designs will (and won’t) work effectively for your upcoming dual occupancy project. We are also happy to provide our support if you’re ever looking for that perfect project opportunity and just need someone to ‘cast an eye over it’.

Here you’ll find an example of a dual occupancy project we’ve been involved with which is currently under construction.

Commercial Refurbishments

Bringing you high-impact and inviting environments for you and your customers.

We are focused on providing efficient solutions to small and private businesses. We have experience in helping our clients upgrade their franchise fitouts and shopfront spaces. We understand that efficient and effective solutions are of the utmost importance to you and your bottom line. The example provided is of a refurbishment completed in late 2010 of the Kingston Pizza Hut store. For this project it was vital that the design solution was compliant with the Franchiser’s criterion yet provided day-to-day suitability for the Franchisee.

Kingston Pizza Hut Refurb 2

Kingston Pizza Hut Refurb 1

Kingston Pizza Hut Refurb 3

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